Smoothies you cant live without!

Springtime has arrived! And what better time than now, to start enjoying some cool treats. Ive deemed Dena, the wonderful vegan-accommodating office party planner, as KKs pick for the best fruit smoothie in town!

This is quick and easy my friends. Go to your closest Trader Joes (or any other store) for these 3 things:

1 bag of frozen berry medley
1 pint of Strawberry ice cream (Trader Joes Dairy Free Dessert made with Coconut Milk)
Almond Milk

Put it all together in your blender.

1 1/2 cups of almond milk, with 2 cups of the strawberry frozen dessert, 2 cups of frozen fruit, cover and blend! Pour and serve!

Thank you Dena for the tasty treat and for always thinking about the vegan in the house!